Thursday, February 23, 2006

Moving on again.....

Sometimes you bang on a door for a long time and wonder if it'll ever open. But when you're not banging on it, suddenly it just opened by itself.

A childhood friend whom I've not met for eight years called me up and offered me a position at his company. I liked the job scope and the benefits and everything else about the company, and we shook on it within days.

This one sounded much more like what I wanted to do, can't wait to complete the move.

I'm actually going to take a small pay cut, but I'll rather be happy than get more pay :) Learned my lesson :P

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Some Pics from the Hols

This year was my dad's 60th birthday, it was the first time our family ever bought him a cake. It still felt too awkward to sing him a birthday song, but he still looked happy enough that we did this for him:
Midnight, New Year's eve, we engaged in the traditional (and illegal) sending off of the old year and the ushering in of the new one by blasting our ears deaf:

Friday, February 03, 2006


I spent a very relaxing 6 days with my family, especially my brothers and sister whom I seldom have time to visit on normal days. I realized that with them, I can just be myself, because:-

- they don't judge you
- they don't give a damn about how important you are or how much you earn
- they're not interested in comparing
- they already know everything about you, so no need to hide or pretend

During those six days we were just like we were 20 years ago, going all over the place to search for good food, playing video games, watching movies and pigging out on CNY goodies.

It is Time

When do you know it is time to leave?

- When you don't enjoy your food anymore after another trying day ....
- when you don't even feel like laughing at your favourite comedies anymore due to worry ....
- when your bad mood affects everyone close to you ....
- when you dread Mondays so much that you want to call in sick ....
- when you feel the very life being sucked out of you when you reach the office that you can't breathe ....

What is the point of losing your life because you don't like your work?

Yes, it is time.

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