Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Power of 4 (Part Deux)

If this looks vaguely familiar to you, that's because back in March 2006 I've done a similar post based on another tag. Anyway, after Ponytales tagged me again I figured I should have enough material to do another different one, so here goes:-

4 Jobs I've had in my life

  • Dishwasher - my mission, which I had to accept because I didn't have enough money then, was to wash not only dishes at a Chinese restaurant in Belfast, but also anything that's disgusting and dirty in the whole kitchen. Luckily, the job came with gloves, a free meal, and much needed $$ :)
  • Programmer - Doing COBOL wasn't what I had in mind when I graduated, but COBOL it was back in 1996. Luckily after 1 year, my work gained enough recognition for me to be moved to Windows programming.
  • Project Manager - I sucked at it for three years, luckily I had a mentor who put me on the right path. Thanks Yoda, er, I mean, Allen.
  • Computer Center Supervisor - did this part time at my uni's computer center, again to find extra cash for beer, er, I mean, hostel fees. Perk of the job - even the pretty chicks have to talk to you when their user account's locked up.

4 of my favourite foods
  • Mamee dried noodle snack - my wife thinks its very unhealthy, but I just can't stop eating it, especially if I'm in the middle of a good book or the latest Empire.
  • Salted Egg Prawns - the Chung Wah restaurant (Puchong) version is the best. Whoever thought of combining Salted Eggs with big juicy prawns is a genius.
  • Toast with Kaya and Butter - although simple, a really good one really sends you into ecstasy. My favourite - old kopitiam at Port Dickson town.
  • Chee Cheong Fun - the Teluk Intan one really justifies its reputation, especially when taken fresh. The SS2 pasar malam one is a pale imitation, but still good value.

4 countries I have been to on vacation
  • Thailand - Chiangmai. Combining the best of Thailand's shopping with a laid back environment and natural beauty, Chiangmai is simply the best place to be in Thailand.
  • China - Fuzhou, Xiamen. Went there last year with my whole family, on a pilgrimage to our ancestral home. Got to see first hand how people really live over there, instead of just popping into the usual touristy places.
  • UK - Belfast. Finally managed to visit my old alma mater again in 2005, and was glad to see the city booming after peace finally broke out.
  • Kuwait. Not really on vacation there, but managed to squeeze in some sightseeing while posted there last year. Desert, Kuwait Towers, more desert. And some classy shopping centres.
4 places I would rather be right now
  • having coffee at Kluang Station, 1U.
  • in a warm bath with a good book.
  • in the cinema, watching a really good movie.
  • in bed. Its almost midnight as I'm writing this!
4 friends to tag
Most bloggers that I know have been tagged during the last round, so I shall not tag anyone this time :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Senior Moment

I had a senior moment recently. I had my earphones on at the office yesterday when a colleague approached me for something.

After speaking to her, I couldn't for the life of me locate the earphones. I looked under the table, on the floor, in my bags. Nothing. Its as if it just vanished.

In the end I gave up and assumed the earphones lost.

This morning I came to work, I immediately noticed it. Stuck to the underside of my chair. How on earth it got there I don't know. And how I managed to miss it after so many rounds of searching I also don't know.

I had to conclude that I was getting old. Either that or Harry Potter decided to play a trick on me :)

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