Monday, April 07, 2008


Although I agree with my good friend Simon's recent post that Malaysian mainstream newspapers are generally biased and useless, one of the reasons I still buy The Star is that they regularly feature stories like this.

I was reading it as I was having dinner tonight and was almost moved to tears as I saw the photos of the little babies that the kind soul was taking care of. They reminded me of my own Cynthia, innocent and helpless and beautiful, and yet, for some reason, unwanted.

Why, are they unwanted? It is not for me to throw stones, as very often, the reason is economic - the mother simply do not have the means to take care of the child.

God has really called Phuc to do His good work, as he has carried them out in faith, without worrying about how he will have the funds to do it.

The story really made me cherish my own little angel more, and tonight I spent more time than usual with her :)


Ann 7:25 am  

I think when we become parents stories like these make us stop and think....sigh and love unconditionally!

joseph sia 8:34 am  

This is my first time I pen in your blog and I thought I may share this video clip with you and others visiting your blog.

The video clip reminds us of how fortunate we are though at times we grumble for small thing happening in our life.

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