Friday, November 18, 2005

Feeling Better Today

Woke up this morning and felt like shit. Didn't feel like going to work, I thought of calling in sick, but .... what to say ah? In the end, I decided to go anyway.

At the Kelana Jaya LRT, I started having this massive stomach ache. Oh oh, I thought, must be pyschosomatic, I must have wished so hard that I was REALLY getting sick.

Still, made it to work in the end. Checked my email, the partner and the customer were very magnanimous, they all said, lesson learned, let's all move on. But boss is still angry with me, I guess he will take a few days to cool down.

Anyway, things moved quite fast today, had a few bugs, but by 4 pm all were solved and we were back on track.

Just felt very sleepy from lack of sleep, gonna try and catch up during the weekend. And also watch all the Episodes of Amazing Race Family Edition that I missed. Thanks, Media Queen! ;)


:: jyon :: 9:35 pm  

it has been a hard long week for all of us. i am sure next week will see a brighter day ahead.

forestfyre 8:13 pm  

Good to hear that things are on track. Ya... what's done is done. Instead of focusing on the cause or who to be blamed, it is definitely more beneficial to just get it fixed before it causes more damage. Now that things are on track again, hope you will have a good rest during the weekend lar ;)

I wonder, is the boss you mentioned my ex-boss too? ;;)

Pat 8:34 pm  

Thanks both :)

No, not him, I report to the CEO nowadays :)

simon 12:09 am  

eh, i didn't know you were sick. i didn't go on friday nite either.

Pat 3:55 pm  

Simon - I wasn't .... I was just so discouraged at work that I WISH I was sick :P

ashlight 10:21 pm  

hehe... no probsss.. enjoy the show. It's missing the finale which will only be aired in US next week.

gosh, being the acceptance end of a CEO's wrath can't be good. Hope things will be better for you at work next week!

Pat 9:44 am  

ashlight - I finished all the episodes in one weekend! Pity the Gaghan family was eliminated, I was really rooting for them.

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